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Piano Recital

Recitals are held semi-annually in Tokyo’s finest performance venues including Fuchuno Mori, Vienna Concert Hall. Every spring, students are encouraged take part in the National Piano Guild Audition, a non-competitive audition held by the American College of Musicians. Student have the opportunity to further hone their performance skills in national and international music festivals.

当ピアノ教室はアメリカの大学で行われるRep Labのように、半年に1度6月と12月に都内のコンサートホールにて発表会を行っています。ピアノのテクニックや年齢、レベルを問わず、当ピアノ教室は生徒全員が平等に演奏できる環境を設けています。

Recital Photo
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