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Risa Yamada M.M

Master of Music in Piano Performance and

Bacholor of Music in Piano Performance from 

University of Hawaii at Manoa

McLean High School, VA

Longfellow Middle School, VA

Piano Teacher at the Yamada School of Music in Tokyo

Japan National Chair: American College of Musicians / 

National Guild of Piano Teachers Japan National Chapter

Music Together Preschool Provider: 

New World International School since 2010 to present








bring out best of your loved ones abilities




I believe the definition of "music" if often dificult to form. People are aware of how important music is in daily life, but music education is always of secondary importance......

I think understanding"music" is as hard as learning another language and music education is similar to bilingual education which requires an early start to become fluent and requires time and experience to understand, with real expression, the meaning of "music".  


From my experience, I strongly feel that learning music requires self-involvement and one aspect of the piano teachers' jobs is to let the children experience the sound.   It is important to let them play C,E, and G at the the same time to enjoy the sound and feel the harmony.  The word "experiment" is part of the joy of music making... 


From preschool to elementary school, a student's curiosity about the world around them makes their learning ability like a sponge.  I believe, that a child's forte is to suck in the experiences and then add them into their daily activities.  Letting children make music is similar to coaching that "self-esteem is not given; it is earned".  In other words, for this age group, music music making is a successful way to joy and reward!

Music Learning for the child requires lots of parent involvement.  Children need avtive assistance from their parents and learning music could be the great communication bridge between children and parents.

Since 2009, the Yamada School of Music in Tokyo is a high performance piano studio as students have the opportunities to perform in a piano recital twice a year (June and December) at concert halls in Tokyo, as well as being able to participate in the National Guild Audition in the Spring and various Master Classes.

I know that all the children are musical and they are full of abilities and possibilities.  Teaching music and providing music education is time consuming, yet the joy that the child will experience is permanent.  I find that working with children can be both rewarding and challenging. However, I feel that it is most rewarding, because the more I teach, the more I learn!

If you have question, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to hear from you.












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